China became the fifth largest wine buyer and the biggest spirit
consumer in 2011, even more than England. Imported wine takes about
30% market share in China, but potential demand is huge. Although
China now ranks 8th in wine consumption in the world, it grows very fast.

Together with Guangdong and Zhejiang, Fujian is the third wine
consumption province in China. In 2012, Fujian imported liquor products
that are worth $1.16 billion US dollar in total, which increased 20.84%
compared with the year before.

Amoy is the old name of Xiamen, which was used by the Spanish first
during late 1500. Xiamen is one of the most beautiful garden coast cities
in China. With its convenient transportation and travel facility, Xiamen
has a lot of foreign company head offices, promoting cultural exchange
with other countries.
Xiamen has very strong buying power; its average income ranks no 6th
in China, and each person drinks about 1.5 litre wine per year, much
higher than the average lever in China. With its in-bond warehouse
policy, Xiamen attracts more than 300 different wineries from the world
within three years.

Amoy Wine is one of the special exhibition items in China for Chinese
International Fair for Investment and Trade (CIFIT). CIFIT is hosted
successfully for the 16th event, which is organized by the Ministry of
Commerce, combined with investment forum, business seminar and
project matching in one place. There were more than 100 ministers, 350
mayors and 50,000 business men who showed up in 2013 in China, and
more than 283 media and 1500 correspondents from the world

Amoy Wine hosts the same time, same location with CIFIT that will give
Amoy Wine a perfect chance for exposure and an excellent platform to
Amoy Wine Festival 2014