Hi-Bridge Consulting Corporation (Hi-Bridge) is a comprehensive international
corporation that registers in Vancouver of Canada. The company set up in early 2000,
and became corporation in 2005.

Shu Guo is the CEO of Hi-Bridge. She has computer software bachelor in Huazhong
Science and Technology University, Wuhan, China; economic master in Capital University
of Economics and Business, Beijing, China; EMBA of the Business School in the
Netherlands, educational master from the University of British Columbia in Canada. She
had been worked in the enterprise management department of the Capital University of
Economics and Business, Motorola (China) Electronics Ltd., Beijing Foreign Enterprise
Service Group Co., Ltd., Kaishitai Technical Development Ltd. She participated and
dedicated many Chinese and foreign enterprise information system development and
system integration, and supplied training, consulting, diagnosis, and design for those
companies as well. In 1995, Shu was selected a representative for China to participate
The Fourth World Conference on Women. In 2000, she successfully designed, organized,
and chaired the International Personalize E-commerce Symposium in Beijing.

Started from 2005, Hi-bridge imported and distributed popular Chinese liquor across
Canada, like Beijing Yanjing beer (燕京啤酒), Fen Chiew (汾酒), Chu Yeh Ching Chiew
(竹叶青酒), Niu Lan Shan Er Guo Tou (牛栏山二锅头), Xi Feng 1956 (西凤1956),
Huang Zhong Huang (黄中皇) and Kong Yi Ji (孔乙已)rice wine (绍兴花雕), and
Chinese Happy Wine (桂花陈酒). These products are enriched related Canadian liquor
market and also bring profit for local government.

As Chinese consumers became more international targeted,  international liquor became
more demand. Hi-bridge would like to take advantage of its Canadian and Chinese
network connection, and bring unique Canadian and international liquor products and
their service back to China, and also would like to help related parties to find its Chinese
market partners or niche market.

This 2014 Amoy Wine Festival is a beginning.

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Jan 3rd 2014 in Vancouver
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