1. Exhibit products must satisfy the related rules and law of food safety and intellectual
property right protection.
2. If the exhibit products are not the same as the registered products, then they are prohibited
from the exhibition.
3. Participated wineries or liquor products have to supply its original certificate, hygiene
certificate and business certification and other related record.
4. Exhibit booth cannot be transferred to others.
5. Exhibitors cannot share exhibitor space without the consent of the organizers.
6. Only approved food vendors may provide or serve food.
7. A minimum of one staff member must be present in each booth at all time.
8. All exhibitors must maintain their booths in a respectable manner.
9. Exhibitors’ booths must be fully operational throughout all posted hours of the festival.
10. No retail is allowed.

Failure to adhere to the above policy will result in loss of exhibitor privileges without refund.

Booths are allocated on a first come first serve basis, ONLY full payment holds your space.
Failure to meet the contract payment deadline can result in a loss of booking.
Due to demand, it is recommended that you act early to avoid disappointment.
1.        Submit your Booth Registration Contract form including alternate booth choices ASAP
  via fax to: Shu Guo at 604-708-8366
2.        Upon receipt of your registration and payment, space will be reserved.
3.        Verbal registration or submission of registration sheet will not ensure placement in the     

Please make cheque payable to:

Hi-bridge Consulting Corp.
300-1275 W6th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V6H 1A6

Exhibitors may cancel by giving written notice to the Wine Festival organizers by July 15th
2014. There are no refunds for cancellations. Any exhibitor that does not completely comply
the attached policies and regulations will immediately have the exhibitor privileges cancelled
without a refund.

Wine Festival organizers and sponsors are not responsible for injury, loss, expense of damage
to persons, good, equipment or decorations caused by accident, or any other cause, directly or
indirectly during load in and load out times, or during festival hours.